Monday, July 23, 2007

New Site

This blog will no longer be updated.

My new site is:

Saturday, February 03, 2007 makes network?

Online poker room,, announced today that it has made some changes to its business model, which include the creation of a new poker network.The new network is called the Merge Gaming Network, the first member of which is a new room, Carbon Poker is a clone of and all Carbon players will be playing at the tables along with players. Interestingly, the website will no longer have its own poker software. Instead, it is turning into an online poker, as an online poker room, will essentially become defunct, as it will not take any more new signups. Current customers will still be able to play as normal and can always re-download the software if need be from their player admin section.The old management will be running the Merge Gaming Network, as well as continuing to oversee the existing accounts. The network plans to add more brands in the months to come.The most curious part about all of this is’s new function as a poker portal. The oddest part of the whole thing is that the website has links to other online poker rooms, including Full Tilt Poker and Why a site that will supposedly be a front for the Merge Gaming Network would want to send players to other poker rooms is unknown at this time.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Upto 100.000$ Freeroll 30. December

Yeah thats right.

All you have to do is click this link. Sign up and earn 300 comppoints, then you get a ticket for it.

Now that might sound hard, but its really not. Actually you can reach 300 by playing 1-2 SNGs, every tourney or SNG have written how many comppoints they give.

See here for details: 100.000 Freeroll

This ofcourse is only for people that dont have a account yet.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The final 3 left

Zowie left in 3rd spot. her A7 all in cracked once again by purechaos, but this time he actually had a hand the boys JJ.

purechaos: 91000
Evil: 12000

Here is the final hand. can Evil beat chaos on skill or will chaos luck strike home like it had most of the tourney??

Evil666 Posted Small Blind 1,000
purechaos Posted Big Blind 2,000
Dealing Cards
Evil666 All In for 7,792
purechaos Calls 6,792
purechaos has (6d, 6h)
Evil666 has (Jh, Jd)
Dealing Flop (6s,7d,8c)
Dealing Turn (4s)
Dealing River (8h)
purechaos Wins 17,584 from pot 1 with : Full House, Sixes over Eights
purechaos OUT
Evil666 OUT

Well Evil my friend, no matter your skill you cant beat luck.


Goodbye to Freeroll26 and irongirl.

With 5 left, 3 lowstacks the 2 next to go was Freeroll26 and Irongirl.

Once again purechaos gets it on luck, cracking Freerolls AA with 62 off, flopping 222 wonder if he can loose at all, I havent seen him loose a hand yet.

After irongirl had to make a stand on K9 but gets called by Zowies AK sending her out in the dark, at least I get that call.

Evil doubled. purechaos raise, Evil all in on QQ purechaos call with J8. Needless to say he did not suck out this time.

Purechaos: 55000
Evil: 22000
Zowie: 19000

The exit of imjusthere4thebeer

A lot of gamling right now. purechaos seems to have decided its an all in or fold game. Havent seen him do much else. But it seems efective when you have 30000 chips. boring to watch though.

imjusthere decided to make a stand with 33, but purechaos luck is still in.

ZowieZ Posted Small Blind 500
imjusthere4thebeer Posted Big Blind 1,000
Dealing Cards
Irongirl Folds
purechaos Raised to 3,000
Evil666 Folds
freeroll26 Folds
ZowieZ Folds
imjusthere4thebeer All In for 2,675
purechaos Calls 675
imjusthere4thebeer has (3s, 3c)
purechaos has (As, Tc)
Dealing Flop (Ts,4c,5s)
Dealing Turn (4d)
Dealing River (7c)
purechaos Wins 7,850 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Tens and Fours
imjusthere4thebeer OUT

Good game mike but you get to go anyway,

Blogger Tour Grand Final

The day finally arrived and I was ready for it.

20 persons. Texas NL. 10 min levels 5k start stack.

I must admid right from the start I saw some extreemely poor poker. People called to river with 55 without having hit anything, even with big reraises. It was like playing a freeroll, if people had a hand they called to river regardless of what hit the table.

Sadly for me I never had a hand in the game. 1 AQ folded preflop. 1 44 and finally 1 99 which killed me. that was pretty much it for me. sadly I never got to play poker.

My last hand with blinds at 600, me UTG with 99. 5000 chips left slightly low. I raise 1800, 1 call andother(purechaos) go all in with 13000 chips. I call at this point being very low and I look into KQ, yes shoking right??? all in with 13000 and he has crap like that??? Not that I was that surprised really, that was the level most in the game played.

Ofcourse he gets an Ace high str8 and Im out. I made 11th and got a chipset, wonder if the lower prizes GF ticket to 275$ aint worth more? Else it will be the most exclusive chipset I own. *lol*

right now there is 5 left. looking like this:

ZowieZ: 34000
purechaos: 26000
Irongirl: 13000
freeroll26: 12700
Evil666: 9000
imjusthere4thebeer: 4000

Good Luck to almost you all. ;)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Blogger Tour last event.

Yes believe it or not, I made 10th just getting me enough points to stay in the Top20 and award me the Grand Final ticket for saturday. :D

Now to make it 2 in a row. *lol*

Here are the list of people making the top20 and the final. as you see Hacksaw made it, which makes me specially happy, since I almost cost him the final spot in last event where I made a misclick calling his all in with more than ½ my stack on K3 offsuit buying a K and killing his QQ.
I felt bad about that ever since, but I hope he knows I would never do that on purpose and hope he will forgive me now he made the final regardless on his skillfull play.

Also thanks to Mada for his support during this event, he is a great guy that I actually met in Vegas because I won last season Blogger tour. So you not only can win a great trip for free, you can also win great friends. Imagine that.

here is the list:

1 Skinski's Blog skinski 1125
2 Irongirl01 Irongirl 1016
3 Scary Poker purechaos 871
4 Poker Pub imjusthere4thebeer 858
5 Peetscheet ViezeMan 830
6 Poker Athletes Blog kufolem 749
7 Flopilicious ZowieZ 734
8 astinaguys poker blog astinaguy 712
9 Perfectly Beastly iyatoni 711
10 Freerollcalendar Weblog freeroll26 708
11 Alex natsdad 701
12 I hate money JayNYC 681
13 Royal Poker DawgRoyal 677
14 Gamingology brodoughno 642
15 Evil666 Evil666 631
16 EgonOlsenPoker EgonOlsen 605
17 riverdemon cerberi 582
18 PearlSnapMan Plays Poker PearlSnapMan 560
19 5TH Street Forum Hacksaw2000 546
20 Life, The Universe and Poker OhioMike 538

Good luck and may the best one win. :)

As life goes

Yes Im back.
you might have noticed a lack in post for a time, but Im now on the availibility list for work. That means Ive been quite busy for some time getting the money to even live properly. You might call me a pro pokerplayer now, but that prolly wont last. 1 of the things that suffered was my blog, too much to do and I had neither time or the mood to post here.

But Im back now. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The 10k gone 15k is now a 20k Guaranteed

Yes thats right. have now upped their sundays weekly tournament to a 20k GTD and this is without changing the Buy in at 60$.

This tournament is every sunday evening. So for good value you might as well sign up on there.

Sign up.

If you sign up here you can use the first depositor bonus: AUSSIEFREEROLL
That gives you 100% bonus on deposit + a free ticket to the final for a trip to play Aussie Million in Australia.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Blogger Tour Event 4 result

Event 4 in this great tour was a massive succes for me(finally) I made 3rd and thats in Omaha, A game I dont really master very well. Thats poker for ya. *lol*
But here is the final result. :)

And here is the result of the overall leaderboard so far, as you can see with only 1 really good result for me Im still very much in the race, so even if you are new you can still make it.

Overall Leaderboard

If you still want to sign up, use the link to the right. :)